Le temps du costume - Our Group

The association

   The “Age of Local Dress” association of Nîmes, founded in 2003, aims to pass on, to maintain and to revive our regional traditions. Costumes from the area around Arles, dances and music, as well as the Provençal dialect are the features which have been chosen to assure the survival of our cultural heritage.

Where are us?

   We are based in Nîmes, a town in the South of France, which has its heart in Provence as well as a foothold in Languedoc. This Roman town is steeped in history, with the manufacture of Cashmire (or “Paisley” if referring to a motif!) shawls, its silk industry, together with its cotton workers and manufacturers of printed calico. How fortunate for our costume and our cultural heritage.

Long may it go on !

Our activities

   First-class actors (belonging to the association) enthusiastically describe the history of dress in Arles, from the time of the French Revolution to the so-called “Contemporary” period dating from the beginning of the 20th century. At the same time, the correct way of displaying the costumes and headdresses corresponding to each period is demonstrated.


   Dancing masters teach the steps of Provençal dances. Young people are coached for the diploma of “Prévôt” and then that of “Dancing master”. Furthermore, they take part in competition of dancing the farandole. All the members of the association, from youngest to oldest, take part in performances of dance, music and children’s games…


   The “Age of Local Dress” association of Nîmes is capable of setting up “themed” shows, displays of costumes from several different periods, along with various activities (processions, ceremonies, folk-dancing…).